The beauty of the Cévennes just two steps from our campsite in Gard

La Croix Clémentine Campsite
Château de Portes
Pont du Gard
The Grand Bois adventure park (tree top adventures)
Ales from the air
The Grotte de Soustelle
Pôle Mécanique (motor sports centre for go-karting and motor-racing)
Equestrian centre, Alès
The St Jean du Gard aquarium
Parc floral Les Camellias de la Prairie
The Cévennes steam train
Bambouseraie (bamboo garden) de Prafrance
The Grotte de la Cocalière
The Grotte de Trabuc
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We are blessed with our location at the heart of a magnificent region of France and you should definitely take the opportunity to enjoy and explore the surroundings. It is a chance to leave our 4 star campsite in search of adventure!

Some suggestions of nearby attractions

  • Le Pont du Gard: A UNESCO World Heritage site, Le Pont du Gard is definitely worth taking the time to visit.
  • Nîmes: Nîmes offers wonderful shopping opportunities but also its splendid Arena, Maison Carrée or Fountain Gardens for which the city is famous.
  • Avignon: You can also visit Avignon, less than an hour from our Cévennes campsite.
  • The Grotte de Trabuc: Just half an hour from our campsite in Gard you can find yourself at this unique attraction which remains, to this day, unexplained by scientists.
  • The Grotte de la Cocalière This breathtaking site is an absolute must-see for cavers.
  • The Gardon Gorges: The perfect place for nature and sports lovers of every sort who will enjoy the site’s unparalleled beauty.
  • The southern coast beaches: You can also head to the beach for some lazy days at the sea, less than an hour from our Gard campsite.